How do I collect art for my collection

In addition to creating works of art in my home on a daily basis, my husband Victor and I have a collection we have purchased over the years.  It might have started when we lived in West Los Angeles, CA beginning in 1972.

While visiting a store one day in Westwood, Ca we fell in love with a ‘Carpet’ with the symbol of an Aztec indian on a brown backround.  The measurements were about 4′ x 7′.  We didn’t want to put it on the floor to be walked on, and we didn’t have a wall that big enough to hang it on.  Then Victor had a great idea.  We had a stairway leading to our second floor which had a nice big empty wall at the top.  Now for the great idea.  Victor had wanted to install a wall safe where we could store things we didn’t want to lose.  After he installed the safe we mounted a wooden bar about 6″ down from the ceiling, and attached our Aztec rug. The carpet hung down 7′ covering the wall safe and from the bottom of the stairs looking up we had a beautiful piece of artwork for everyone to see.

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